As an artist, the music initially flows through you, but once it is shared with others it can often take on many different interpretations distinct to any given person. One of the best examples of this happening is when we get a unique cover song that takes the original and puts a new stamp on it. That just happened with the Naregatsi Ensemble taking on the System of a Down favorite "Aerials," and they just got the ultimate compliment for their rendition.

System frontman Serj Tankian shared the ensemble's cover via his Twitter account and called it "hands down my favorite cover of 'Aerials." Check out his tweet below.

As you can see, the Naregatsi Ensemble consists of younger participants playing some traditional and some unique instruments. According to the Naregatsi Art Institute, the center in Shushi has brought hope and inspiration to many children annually, providing them traditional arts education in such fields as music, dance, theatre, foreign languages, photography, poetry, embroidery, wood engraving and miniature painting. The institute also seeks to serve as a bridge between the past and present, making sure that the preservation of the Armenian culture remains intact. To see more of the Naregatsi Ensemble's work, check out their YouTube channel here.

Serj Tankian's film score for the Armenian genocide film, 1915, was released back in April. As for System of a Down, Tankian made headlines back in May when he revealed that the band members have been communicating and songs have been played to each other. But there's no official word as of yet on a new album for the band.

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