Serj Tankian is giving his most extensive preview to date of his upcoming 'Harakiri' solo album.

First up, fans can stream the title track from the disc, the third song previewed from the upcoming effort. It fits well within the singer's oeuvre, as he belts out the lyrics, 'We're the dreamers / Deciding to fly against the sky / Within our dreams we all wake up / To kiss the one's who are born to die.' Who are the dreamers and who are the ones who are born to die? That's left to interpretation, but Tankian has his own ideas.

'Harakiri' also builds more of the mystery with the chorus, 'They crowned the sun / They crowned the sun / But I believe that they are free when their time was done / They were drowned by the only one / But I believe that they are free.' As for the sound, it has some dynamic shifts and certain parts that almost beg for listeners to sing along.

However, the song 'Harakiri' is not the only thing that Tankian is offering. The musician has put together a nearly 10-minute medley that serves as a significant preview for the album. For the most part, it flows well together and gives more of a showcase than the typical 30-second clips that are in fashion today.

The medley gives the listener the idea that the 'Harakiri' album provides a nice variety Tankian's musical talents. There's hard-hitting System of a Down-like songs with the vocalist delivering fast-paced rhymes. There's pounding drum beats, but also songs that have Middle Eastern-sounding instruments. There's some of the violin and string work we've heard on his more symphonic efforts. He employs a female backing vocalist on at least one song. But the one fresh addition is there's at least one song that has a more electronic feel than anything the singer has previously done.

Even though lyrics are strung together due to the nature of the medley, Tankian's world view is still on display. There's one song that addresses a holocaust, while another digs into our own suspicions of the world around us and how repetition is the enemy.

Tankian's already previewed the tracks 'Cornucopia' and 'Figure it Out.' The full 'Harakiri' album arrives July 10 and you can pre-order the disc here. Stay tuned to Loudwire for our interview with Serj Tankian.

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