This year is shaping up to be a busy one for Serj Tankian. With System of a Down recently announcing their summer co-headlining tour with Deftones and Tankian’s new solo disc ‘Harakiri’ due out July 10, it’s all systems go!

‘Harakiri’ marks Tankian’s third solo outing and the first single ‘Figure It Out’ is sure to raise a stir, if not a pensive eyebrow or two.

Debuting his new lyric video for the song today, fans get their first opportunity to check out the song in its entirety, in addition to reading along to the lyrics as they go … if they can keep up. It starts off pretty quickly with that signature Tankian vocal speed, and winds down a bit in the chorus where Tankian sings out ‘Why pretend that we don’t know / CEOs are the disease / F---! Let’s figure it out / No Bull S---.’

The song, seems to bring to life the statement Tankian previously made about the new disc: “The Cornucopia of love/hate affairs with Gaia have made us scream 'Figure It Out! CEOs are the disease.' Where abusive capitalism’s only fate is human/environmental devastation. The Ching Chime, diminutive drama of a gangsta Butterfly revealed that humanity’s tears actually outweigh yearly rainfall on the planet.”

Read the entire statement here and check out the new lyric video for yourself below. Known for his free and forward thinking, the song definitely follows suit serving up some food for thought.

Watch Serj Tankian's Lyric Video for 'Figure It Out'