It’s no surprise that heavy metal and hard rock artists have embraced the world of apps, and the latest to do so is System of a Down’s frontman Serj Tankian. The singer is offering his new app aptly called ‘I Am Serj’ available for free for a week.

Tankian teamed up with the creators of popular beat making app IAmBeatBox to put it out his own app "I Am Serj" which is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In a press release Tankian reveals: “iAmBeatBox and all the Savage I Am apps have created an innovative way to sketch out music using beats and samples on the iPad.”

Tankian goes on to say that the app even helped with the process of creating his third solo disc ‘Harikiri.’ “I used the programs to sketch out 3 of the songs from ’Harakiri’ and am excited about launching my own app with them titled, I Am Serj, utilizing the music from ‘Harakiri,’ my new solo record,” explained the singer.

The ‘I Am Serj’ app gives fans the ability to rework, remix and create their own music utilizing the new songs that appear on ‘Harakiri.’

The app is available for free from Aug. 17 through Aug. 24.

Watch the ‘I Am Serj’ Video Demonstration