He once fronted Sick Puppies, now he's working with some sick puppets. Shim is back on the scene with his new song "Hallelujah," which recently debuted here at Loudwire and now he's teamed up with us again to share the premiere of the totally fun video for the track.

In the clip, Shim sits alone with his guitar in front of a curtain, starting to perform the song when "Lil' Shim," his doppelganger sock puppet interrupts his concentration and eventually tries to take over the performance with his full on sock puppet band, forcing an intense guitar battle.

"I didn't have a band when I started looking at making the video, and Sock Puppets work for real cheap," Shim told us. "Seriously, you'd be surprised at the day rate for a puppet in 2018."

For the video, Shim worked with the people behind Sock Puppet Parody and found it to be a great experience. “It was so humbling and fun to work with Sock Puppet Parody,” Shim says. "I was already a huge fan of their stuff, and they really invited me into the fold of their weird little club. It was the most fun I’ve ever had on a shoot.”

"Hallelujah" is the first piece of music from Shim since he began his solo career. "'Hallelujah' is all about digging yourself out and starting the work," says the vocalist. "I had no idea what my destination would be, only that I had to keep moving forward."

Shim wrote, recorded, produced and engineered his forthcoming record, transforming his L.A. apartment into a makeshift recording studio. You can pick up "Hallelujah" now via digital download or streaming services here. And look for Shim and his new solo band playing their first major gig on May 20 at Rock on the Range.

Stay up to date with Shim via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and personal website.

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