Boy, are Shinedown asking for it. But before you can get a shot in, the band did a pretty bang up job of poking fun not only of themselves, but also skewering several music industry tropes as well in their new video for "Asking for It."

The band teamed up with video director Darren Doane to do something a little off the traditional video norm, creating more of a comedic sketch. The clip opens with a long-haired fan stating, "I think Shinedown's a bunch of sellouts. I mean look at 'em. It's not rock 'n' roll anymore. It's not metal. I'm just gonna say what everyone's thinking. I liked em better when they were fat and drug addicts. There, I said it. I'm out," setting the tone for the mockery to come.

In the clip, the actual Shinedown members appear as sensationalized versions of a band manager and video crew members, while much younger lookalikes assume the role of the Shinedown band. In the clip, we see the babyfaced Shinedown members being fawned over by the video crew, shuttled off to a ridiculous photo shoot by their manager and returning for the end of the shoot and a heart-to-heart about why they can't tour with their favorite bands.

"There are many elements that go into making a Shinedown video," explained frontman Brent Smith in the premiere post for their clip at the band's Facebook page. "So what we decided to do on the latest installment in the Shinedown catalogue was have as much fun as possible. The video for ‪#‎AskingForIt‬ is more of a skit/short than a music video. Working with long time friend and director Darren Doane is always an adventure. We collectively wanted to do something completely original and different for us and our audience. With the help of our management at In De Goot Entertainment and our esteemed record company, Atlantic Records, we feel that we've done just that ... ENJOY!!!" Watch the video in the player above.

Prior to the release of the clip, Smith also spoke a little bit more about the concept in a video interview that you can see below.

As stated, "Asking for It" comes from the band's Threat to Survival album. The disc is currently available to order via iTunes and Amazon. Look for Shinedown on tour at these stops.

Brent Smith Discusses the Shinedown "Asking for It" Video

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