Shinedown is probably not the first act you think of when it comes to remixes or "the club." Heck, they're probably not even in the first hundred or so acts when it comes to that, but if there's one thing we've learned over the past decade, it's that just about any track can be subject to a remix.

As such, Shinedown's latest chart-topping single 'Unity' has been given the remix treatment with three very different takes on the track. The first remix comes from Matisse and Sadko and offers a very club-worthy, upbeat version of the song in a progressive house style. As for the vocal content, there's not much tweaking to Brent Smith's voice, but song does take liberties with the musical arrangement giving it an electronic feel while keeping the inspirational vibe of the song.

The second remix is done by Liquid Stranger, who take things in a more dubstep direction. Much like those who've been mixing the hard rock and electronic genres (yes we're looking at you Skrillex, JDevil and others), this version offers a more aggressive feel with quick-cutting, chopped and scratched bleeps and blips.

The third remix is a more chilled out effort, though it does eventually forge full speed ahead into progressive house territory. It was created by Steve Lade, who plays more off of the piano beats than relying on guitar hooks. Like the Matisse and Sadko version, Lade's keeps true to Smith's vocals. Overall, it's not as much of a club-jumper, but does pick up the beat along the way.

You can check out samples of all three remixes at Beatport, and purchase them individually for $2.49 or in one package for $7.47.