Shinedown released their new single ‘Bully’ today, and the good news keeps flowing. The band has announced the title and release date of their new album -- ‘Amaryllis’ is set for a March 27 release date.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting new music from Shinedown since 2008’s ‘The Sound of Madness,’ but Shinedown have always taken their time during the writing and recording process. The process, this time around, became a true breakthrough for the band.

According to frontman Brent Smith, “During the recording, the vision of what Shinedown is and where it's going became completely clear.” He continued to explain, saying, "'Amaryllis' is the manifestation of that vision, the centerpiece of what Shinedown is. It reflects on everything we've done and where we're heading.”

The message behind 'Amaryllis' is one of “empowerment, perseverance and inspiration,” declared Smith. “I think it speaks to fans that have been with us since the beginning as well as those who are just learning about who we are and what we're about. I can't wait for the world to hear it."

The writing process for Shinedown is a pretty intense one but there are no restraints or time limits. Guitarist Zach Myers described it to, saying, “Brent has this weird thing when we’re writing, we go into the studio, and there are no clocks around; there are no calendars on the wall. He doesn’t like to have a time limit on being creative.”

Shinedown tapped super producer Rob Cavallo once again this time around and started recording ‘Amaryllis’ in August. Cavallo worked with the band on ‘The Sound of Madness,’ as well.

Fans can pre-order ‘Amaryllis’ packages here starting Jan. 17.