Japanese avant-garde metallers Sigh have returned with the psychotic new album Heir to Despair. Adding an extra layer of madness to their 11th studio concoction, Sigh are premiering the new video for “Aletheia” exclusively here at Loudwire.

You may have heard Philip Anselmo’s vocals on Sigh’s first single, ”Homo Homini Lupus,” behind the wild babbling of frontman Mirai Kawashima. In “Aletheia,” Mirai keeps the vocal dynamics to himself, spinning a thread between traditional Japanese singing, high and low screams and synthesized spoken-word. “Aletheia” opens Heir to Despair, setting the tone for a gradual descent into insanity, which begins to wholly show itself during the three “Heresy” tracks.

“Japanese lyrics, strong Asian feel and flute should be the elements that make Heir to Despair different from Sigh's past albums,” says Kawashima. “In that sense, ‘Aletheia’ is the song that represents the album. It's a heavy, exotic and psychedelic track embellished with lots of unusual instruments such as Taisho-goto, Shamisen, Tampura Machine, Tabla Machine, Shehnai, Shakuhachi and so on. I even don't remember what else I used for this. The title means ‘truth’ in Greek, but the lyrics mean nothing like ‘truth’ means nothing. It's just a song through the eyes of madness. The video was directed by Eddie Granillo, who also directed the video for ‘The Foloron’ from our previous album Graveward.

The “Aletheia” video is delivered through kaleidoscope as the Sigh musicians perform in a small room filled with skulls. The constant close-ups disorient the viewer as the variegated patterns slowly become more erratic and epileptic.

Check out Sigh’s newest sonic nightmare in the video above and click here to grab a copy of Sigh’s Heir to Despair.

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