You know the vocals are sick when the cops come knocking on your door.

Garrett Russell, lead singer California-based metalcore band Silent Planet, recently got a surprise when a police officer came knocking on the door as he was amid a recording session.

Russell shared a video of the brief encounter on X (formerly Twitter). Here is how it all went down.

Russell and a crew were recording in a residential area. Neighbors near the recording session became concerned after they could hear Russell's voice emanating from the house.

It is not immediately clear if Russell was recording vocals for new Silent Planet material (they last released Superbloom in 2023) or a separate project he has been posting about in recent days.

Recording had wrapped on the final song of the day when a police officer showed up to ask questions. It appears from the video Russell shared on X, the officer immediately knew someone had made a mistake as he was walking up to the door.

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"I heard it when I walked up and I was like 'that's not normal. I don't know what's going on,'" the officer is heard saying in the video.

Russell and another individual who greeted the cop at the door explained they were just recording vocals and were ready to finish up for the day.

"Well, if you're good, we're good," the officer tells them before heading back to his squad car.

Russell followed up the video with another post saying he was thankful this encounter with the law went a little more smoothly than the last time he was face to face with a police officer.

"At least this cop didn't have his hand on his gun like the time I jumped out of the back of the van while we were getting pulled over in Detroit," he said in a follow-up post.

Silent Planet just wrapped up a run of shows supporting Dayseeker. They are next scheduled to play the final Furnace Fest in Birmingham, Alabama on Oct. 4.

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