Last year, we reported on the formation of Silvertomb, the new band featuring former members of Type O Negative and Agnostic Front, among others. At the time, they had released one single, "Crossing Over," but no new material surfaced until now as they've shared another new track, "Insomnia," which you can hear below.

The band, comprised of guitarist and singer Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative), drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative), bassist Hank Hell (Seventh Void), guitarist Joseph James (ex-Agnostic Front, Inhuman) and keyboardist and guitarist Aaron Joos (Awaken the Shadow, Empyreon), plays a brand of music that is "dark and spiritual — like a dark gospel," according to Hickey.

"Insomnia" is a gloomy track predicated on a droning riff, rigid, pounding drums and Hickey's soulful, anguished vocals. There's a bluesy presence as screaming guitar licks cry out, padding the dense atmosphere with an overarching sense of doom and dread.

Prior to the formation of Silvertomb, Hickey, Kelly and Hell all worked together in Seventh Void, which they formed in 2003. Six years later, they released their debut album, Heaven Is Gone, but nothing else materialized afterward and the group disbanded in 2017. As for the name Silvertomb, the band's Facebook page states, "The name is simultaneously light and dark, and is coupled with imagery that harkens back to native and Egyptian mythologies where death was not feared, but embraced as a transformation."

Catch Silvertomb live on Sept. 14 and 23 when they open for Life of Agony and to see where they're playing, head here.

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