Sin Shake Sin's latest single, "Congratulations, You're In a Cult," is all about how valuable ignorance is to a con man.

"Humans have preyed on each other's ability for thousands of years," frontman and mastermind Stacy Hogan told Chuck Armstrong on Loudwire Nights Tuesday night (Sept. 26). Hogan and Sin Shake Sin were the latest addition to Loudwire Nights' Artist Spotlight interview series.

"Now with social media, it's amplified beyond historical comparison, so this song is just about recognizing when you're being conned."

This type of perspective isn't unique to this one song; Hogan's intent for Sin Shake Sin has always been to draw listeners' attention to the inane noise around them.

"[The band] is the voice inside your head that's mad every single time that someone is yelling at you on the internet and they seem like they don't know what they're talking about—or they're extremely uninformed," Hogan explained. "Essentially, Sin Shake Sin is the inner thoughts you're too afraid to say at Thanksgiving dinner."

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While some might hear that and think Hogan is taking one side or another, he was quick to say that his approach is intended to bring people together, helping them realize that "we have a lot more in common than we're told through the media."

"It's the celebration that we are not nearly as divided as every single thing on the internet tries to tell you that we are."

What Else Did Sin Shake Sin's Stacy Hogan Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • What it was like telling his mom that he was nominated for an Adult Video News Award: "She's a proud mom. She doesn't judge."
  • Why Nine Inch Nails are one of his favorite live acts ever: "Trent Reznor is such an unbelievable influence on me since my early teenage years."
  • How he got involved in music at a young age: "I grew up in a musical family and moved to Nashville in my teenage years."

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