Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s band Sixx: A.M. have released their brand new single, ‘Are You With Me Now,’ off of their album ‘This Is Gonna Hurt.’

At the beginning of the track, frontman James Michael croons, “Laughing like we're crazy / Nothing mattered / Nothing fazed me / We were younger then / So much younger then / Everything seems rotten through / The eyes of the forgotten / And we were dumber then / So much dumber then.” Michael’s deep and raspy voice gives the song a somewhat haunting quality.

The chorus is bound to get stuck "in your head for too long" as Michael belts out, “Are you with me now? / Come back from the dead / You've been inside your head for too long / Are you with me now? / Find the places that scare you / Come on I dare you / Are you with me? / Are you with me?

The lyrical component of the song expresses themes of hope and offers a call to be awakened into a state of realization. Not to mention, Sixx’s deep bass lines and DJ Ashba’s warm guitar riffs make “Are You With Me Now” is a weighty track filled with limitless emotion.

Sixx: A.M. doesn’t have to ask listeners, “Are you with me?” A lot of fans will be with them especially with this new, catchy, mid-tempo tune.

Listen to Sixx: A.M., 'Are You With Me Now'