Sixx: A.M. gave fans their first listen to the new song 'Gotta Get It Right' yesterday, and now they've unveiled the video for the track.

The Paul Brown-directed clip follows the band reflecting on the idea that they'd like one more chance to get it right, while the plot traces the journey of a young couple dealing with relationship woes via social media and eventually, perhaps, getting that one final chance the band is talking about.

'Gotta Get It Right' comes from Sixx: A.M.'s forthcoming album, 'Modern Vintage,' which is due in stores on Oct. 7. In teasing the new album, Nikki Sixx has stated that the songs on the new disc have the songwriting, musicianship and lyrical traits of the '70s era bands that inspired them, and you can definitely feel some of that pumping through the new single, with frontman James Michael channeling some Freddie Mercury and the group providing a stomp-rock sound.

Michael says, "I remember we just sat down and strummed a couple of chords; I guess I started singing this melody line to it that was like nothing else we had on the record. Nikki immediately responded, and DJ Ashba -- they both were just like, 'We gotta go there. I don't know where this is leading us, but we gotta go there.'"

‘Modern Vintage’ is due in stores on Oct. 7.

Watch Sixx: A.M. Discuss the 'Modern Vintage' Album + 'Gotta Get It Right'