Slash has been seen in animated form before, whether it be in his 'Bad Rain' video or appearing in a 'Phineas & Ferb' film and music video, but he's never quite looked as he does in the 'Angry Birds Space' game.

The guitar great has recorded the theme for the updated edition of the 'Angry Birds Space' app, and he posted on Facebook the image that the creators of the game came up with for his 'Angry Birds' character, and it comes complete with his trademark top hat, curly black hair and killer guitar. The rocker says in his posting, "Check out the new #SlashBird that @AngryBirds made and be sure to do the #AngryBirdsSpace update today. #slashnews." Check out the actual rendering of Slash as an angry bird to the left.

In order to check out Slash's theme, you must download or update to the latest version of 'Angry Birds Space.' The music plays over the game's opening screens and an image of the 'Angry Birds' version of Slash pops up on the screen, with the option to buy his music online. Check out video of the opening in the clip below, as well as another one of Slash talking about recording the theme song.

Slash isn't the first rocker to have an association within the 'Angry Birds' universe, as the game's creators offered up Green Day-themed characters last year for 'Angry Birds Friends.'

The 'Angry Birds Space' version takes gamers through planets filled with water, strange aquatic life and bad piggies in boats. Those wishing to check out the 'Angry Birds Space' game can download the app via iTunes here.

Slash Plays 'Angry Birds Space' Theme

Slash Talks 'Angry Birds Space' Theme