Slash first collaborated with Myles Kennedy when the singer was one of many guests on 2010's Slash album. In the years since, the duo have become bandmates, and their creative partnership continued over the course of two more solo albums. Along with Todd Kerns, Brent Fitz and Frank Sidoris (aka The Conspirators), they've release Apocalyptic Love and World on Fire, and the band improves with each release. We're happy to report that Living the Dream is arguably their best album yet.

"Call of the Wild" accomplishes exactly what you'd want out of an album opener, grabbing your attention with some start-stop guitar licks. Kennedy sings about being a "slave to the machine" and taking time coming to "power down and breathe" or risk burning out (an interesting lyric from a guy who is in two bands and who just launched a solo career). It's a standout amongst many on the album and a great way to kick things off.

"Serve You Right" keeps the energy level high, but more slinks along with Slash's '70s-vibe guitar playing. It's a solid change of pace that leads into the chugging rocker "My Antidote" and the album's most infectious, rock radio single "Mind Your Manners."

"Lost Inside the Girl" is a darker track that pulls back and allows room for Kennedy's deeper register. Kennedy sings about the seemingly perfect girl who's a "ray of light that shines around the world." Though not as aggressive, the track does feature one of the better Slash solos on the new album.

"Slow Grind" is another highlight, and "Driving Rain," which the band recently played on Jimmy Kimmel Live, seems like a radio hit. "The One You Loved Is Gone" throws the first album curveball, giving listeners as more stripped back version of the group as Kennedy adds plenty of heartbreak and emotion into the acoustic guitar ballad.

Though Guns N' Roses and Alter Bridge and Myles Kennedy's own solo work give both Slash and Kennedy plenty of music to promote, Living the Dream is filled with potential hits. For fans of the musicians involved in Slash's solo efforts, the "dream" definitely feels alive.

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