Motley Crue's 'The Dirt' will be heading to the big screen soon, and there have been films chronicling the lives of rock bands over the years, but former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash says he's not interested in ever seeing a biopic of the early years of GN'R ever gracing the silver screen.

Speaking with the Belfast Telegraph, Slash says, "I would not like to see a Guns N' Roses biopic. It's really rare where you see actors portraying live musicians [well]. I don't think rock and roll translates in the movies. I don't think they really get the gritty vibe of what it's like."

While Slash may think that rock on the big screen may not translate, that hasn't stopped him from entering the film world. He's launched his own production company focused on horror movies called Slasher Films. Just last year, the company released the film 'Nothing Left to Fear,' with Slash lending his hand in providing the movie score.

Slash says the horror films have been a particular interest of his since youth, and added that 'The Night of the Living Dead' was the scariest film that he's seen. He recalled, "The scariest scene was when the daughter grabs a spade and goes after her mum, and her mum can't accept that her daughter's a zombie. She's pleading with her and doesn't realize what she's dealing with -- and she gets spaded to death. That was just a very unnerving scene for me, and it clearly stuck with me all this time."