Rock supergroup Velvet Revolver has been struggling with lineup issues for quite some time now since parting with vocalist Scott Weiland. Conflicting stories on Weiland's place in the band have been prevalent for a year now, but Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash just made it public that the band is "very quietly" looking for a new singer.

Velvet Revolver and Scott Weiland reunited for a one-off performance for a benefit concert in January 2012, and shortly after the gig, Weiland claimed that he was once again a full-time member of VR. Weiland promised a new album and 2012 tour with the band, but Slash quickly swatted down Weiland's claims. In September 2012, Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan stated that the band's singer search was "nowhere," before drummer Matt Sorum further discussed the uncertainty whirling around VR. Scott Weiland has continued to make public statements on a desired reunion, but Slash once again batted down the idea, claiming, "We're not buying it," during an early 2013 interview.

Slash recently made an appearance on Flint, Mich., radio station Banana 101.5 to speak about Velvet Revolver's signature search. "With Velvet, there's no singer in place, and there hasn't been, but we've been, actually, very quietly been looking for somebody who's right for that band," says Slash.

The top-hatted shredder went on to speak about a new project on the horizon. "Interestingly enough, I'm playing some shows in South Africa with [fellow former Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver members] Duff [McKagan] and Matt [Sorum] and Glenn Hughes and Sebastian Bach, and that's going to be interesting," Slash describes. "It's called Kings of Chaos, and Duff and Matt and Steve Stevens and Glenn Hughes and Sebastian Bach are the main band, and then they have guys that come up and guest… It's going to be sort of like Velvet Revolver with Sebastian and Glenn Hughes singing."

Stay tuned for more updates on Velvet Revolver's search for a lead singer as news continues to break.

Slash Talks to Banana 101.5

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