Slash fans are in for a treat for his third solo album. He and his cohorts, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, give you more bang for your buck with a whopping 17 tracks and providing a little something for everyone.

The album launches with the title track, which has already rocketed to the upper reaches of the rock charts. The high-energy rocker is a solid intro into the album, showcasing some of the guitar work fans expect, while allowing Kennedy to alternate between power and swagger.

Slash and his band get off to a rocking start, with tracks like 'Shadow Life,' 'Automatic Overdrive,' 'Wicked Stone' and '30 Years to Life' keeping the energy up in the early part of the disc. Among these tracks, 'Automatic Overdrive' lives up to its name as a foot-tapping, fist-pumping song with Brent Fitz helping to drive the track on drums. 'Wicked Stone' may be the standout of the early part of the album, with its driving opening beat, mesmerizing guitar line and moments where Todd Kerns' bass really explodes off the disc. And for those lyric heads out there, Myles Kennedy lays out a captivating tale on '30 Years to Life.'

The first major change in the album comes with 'Bent to Fly,' a mid-tempo curve ball that starts off with acoustic guitar. Kennedy gets to branch out vocally, offering a more haunting vibe to the song. And while it's tough to for the second half of the album to match up to the first, there are some true standout tracks as the disc speeds toward its finale.

'Beneath the Savage Sun' is an epic track, with Kerns' bass parts getting some attention and Slash getting a chance to wail at one point. 'Battleground' is a moodier, less aggressive song about the pitfalls of a relationship. 'Dirty Girl' offers some of the album's grittiest guitar sounds as Slash and his crew making it feel like they're taking the song for a walk. The disc also features a bluesy little instrumental called 'Safari Inn' that gives Slash a chance to shine.

A lot of rock, a little blues, some definite swagger and songs that can get into your soul -- what more could you ask for?

Slash's 'World on Fire' album is currently streaming at USA Today. Listen to the entire disc here.

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