Who? What? Where? When? How? In a report from the Patch, metal hooligans in Commack, New York, vandalized a building in Wicks Park by painting the Slayer logo and a pentagram alongside it (see a photo of the graffiti here). Local police initially investigated the vandalism to be associated with a hate crime after a resident had placed a call to the authorities. 

Shortly after opening the investigation, the police came to realize that the graffiti was nothing more than an iconic thrash band's logo and a pentagram, which is a fixture in one of the band's various logo designs. Wicks Park is home to the Commack South Little League, and perhaps the police considered it a crime to hate baseball. Maybe they just suspected that God Hates Us All? The world may never know.

This is not the first time Slayer have been linked with intolerance. The band stirred things up with the song 'Angel of Death' which saw some people condemning the band as antisemitic. The eagle that sits atop or often behind the band logo also draws parallels to Nazi symbolism. Slayer have continuously denied these accusations, claiming that the topics and imagery work within the dark focus of the band.