Get Slayer's Kerry King and Anthrax's Scott Ian in front of a camera together, and all you have to do is get out of the way while two hard rock legends talk -- which is exactly what the producers at did recently when King and Ian arrived in the studio to discuss their recent Metal Masters 4 concert.

Ian and King touched on a number of subjects (or, as Fuse put it when titling the clip, 'Scott Ian and Kerry King Talk Arrests, Booze & Strippers'), but some of their most heartfelt discussion centered around Dimebag Darrell. And while Darrell's life ended in tragedy, the conversation focused on happier (and, it must be said, hazier) memories of the former Pantera guitarist's life.

"My normal rules went out the window when I played with those guys," recalled Ian. "I would try to keep it to a minimum and say, 'I'm not doing more than three shots with you before I play.' But then they're walking onstage and handing me drinks in the middle of a set or pouring 'em down your throat. Any time I toured with those guys was the drunkest I've been in my life."

King chimed in, saying, "[Drinking] just made [Dimebag] loose. It got him in the vibe to play."

Ian went on to discuss an epic night at a strip club with Darrell and some other famous friends, including Gene Simmons of Kiss and Motley Crue's Tommy Lee: "We ended up in a private room and for three or four hours I'm sitting next to Dime with a stripper on my lap constantly. There never wasn't a girl on my lap and there was always someone refilling my drinks. I remember saying to somebody afterward, 'Who paid for that? What did we do?' And the next day in the New York Post I saw a story, 'Tommy Lee dropped 28 grand at Scores last night.' So I guess I owe Tommy a thank you."

Scott Ian & Kerry King Talk Arrests, Booze & Strippers

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