Slayer are well into promotion of their Repentless album, but there has been talk of late about what might come next for the band. In a recent interview, guitarist Kerry King discussed having a healthy start on the next album thanks to an influx of music from the Repentless sessions, but he also stated that it would likely be 2018 before they recorded again. In a separate interview, King was asked about the possibility of guitarist Gary Holt contributing to the songwriting process as well, and he explained that he's open to the idea.

Holt, who also plays in Exodus, has been handling guitar duties for Slayer ever since Jeff Hanneman contracted a flesh-eating disease from a spider bite in 2011. When Hanneman passed away a couple of years later from cirrhosis of the liver, Holt continued pulling double duty and provided guitar work, including numerous solos, on the Repentless album, but was not part of the writing process.

Speaking on The Jasta Show with host Jamey Jasta (heard below), King was asked about Holt contributing more moving forward. "I'm entirely open to having Gary work on something. I know he's gotta work on an Exodus record and I've got tons already for this one. But, you know, if he's gonna stick around ... I didn't want it on the last one, and I knew that. I'm completely open to having that conversation. I haven't talked to Tom [Araya] about it, I haven't talked to Gary open about it, but I'm open. That's not saying it is or isn't gonna happen. But my ears are open."

Slayer are currently on tour with Anthrax and Death Angel, with U.S. shows booked through late in the month. See the remaining dates of the tour here.

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