Every band has their own t-shirts, hoodies and posters. Some have their own custom instruments, and a few have even had beers named after them. Slayer are taking things to the next level with a vehicle inspired by the band.

The 'Scion x Slayer Mobile Amp tC' will debut at the upcoming Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas from Nov. 4-7. The show isn't open to the public, but the car will be on display at future Scion events. Check out a sketch of the car above.

“Slayer’s fans are going to be excited when we reveal what a metal-inspired Scion tC looks like,” says guitarist Kerry King. “Working with Scion has given us another way to reach new audiences and inspire them to keep going down their own paths.”

Here's how the car is described: "Slayer has a look, sound and approach all its own. The band’s aggressive style carries into the tC sports coupe’s exterior look and band-inspired details. Inside, the vehicle has been transformed into a multimedia machine with amps, towers of speakers, a custom mixer and a 32-inch monitor for media playback."

A car inspired by pro skateboarder Riley Hawk will also be unveiled at SEMA. The 'Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB' has a high end sound system, but also a retro vibe with shag carpet, an orange and yellow striped paint job and even an 8-track player.

Slayer are currently in the studio with producer Terry Date working on a new album. They are set to hit the road with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus on a tour that launches Nov. 11 in Oakland, Calif.

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