Stoner metal legends Sleep are teasing a hiatus following their 2019 shows. An ‘80s sci-fi / horror screen was shared on the band’s Facebook page, detailing a period of “hypersleep” coming Jan. 1, 2020.

Sleep’s reawakening throughout the 2010s has been a glorious one, with the band releasing their first song in over a decade, “The Clarity,” back in 2014. The weedians still toured sparingly each year before surprise-releasing The Sciences on 4/20 last year. Sleep began hot-boxing venues at a way higher rate following The Sciences, but it’s likely coming to a halt in 2020.

Sleep will finish off 2019 with a trio of gigs at Thalia Hall in Chicago, Ill. The Dec. 29, 30 and 31 gigs will be their last for an undetermined amount of time:

“Prep hypersleep facil for indef duration” is all you need to know, with a crew of 3 listed and ‘Y’ typed in for positive confirmation.

Guitarist Matt Pike is currently touring with High on Fire on a co-headlining bill with Power Trip. High on Fire will likely be Pike’s priority come 2020, while frontman Al Cisneros and drummer Jason Roeder are expected to continue work with OM and Neurosis, respectively.

For tickets to Sleep’s Chicago gigs, click here.

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