Sleepwave, the band fronted by former Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain, released their debut album 'Broken Compass' in September. Now, the band has unveiled a video for the song 'Whole Again.'

The creepy clip (watch above) features the band performing while strange and bizarre medical experiments are going on.

In a recent interview with Bring the Noise, Chamberlain talked about the inevitable comparisons between Sleepwave and Underoath.

"Comparisons to Underoath are gonna happen, because obviously I was in the band so I’m fine with it," Chamberlain says. "I feel people that love Underoath; some of them are going to love Sleepwave some of them are not because it’s obviously a complete different style of music. But I also think that some people that hated Underoath will like Sleepwave so it’s like comparing I don’t know, The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, it’s just different. A completely different band."

Sleepwave will be wrapping up 2014 by playing a hometown show Dec. 30 in St. Petersburg, Fla.