Call it perceptive or call it a conspiracy theory; many Slipknot fans believe that the band's new song 'The Negative One' was written about departed drummer Joey Jordison. The argument is more than plausible, but vocalist Corey Taylor has put the argument to rest, denying Jordison as the singer's muse for 'The Negative One.'

Let's take a look at why Slipknot fans were speculating at the song's theme. First off, Joey Jordison's number as a Slipknot member was 1, establishing an initial connection to 'The Negative One.' "I didn't even put that together!" Taylor tells Metal Hammer. "That's just how f---ing crazy people are!"

Jordison was also ousted from Slipknot rather than quitting himself, perhaps leaving through "negative" circumstances. The lyrics, "You had to be set free / Opposing sides / Your choices are / The negative one and me," can also be taken as an ultimatum where either Jordison had to leave or Corey Taylor would.

Fans have even gone so far as to find the words 'Joey Jordison' within the song's lyrics, even though the letter "J" only appears once. "Oh my f---ing God!" Taylor responds. "People need to f---ing unplug every now and again. I did hear some s--t about the video for it, like it's supposed to be Joey, but it's so f---ing funny."

Taylor goes on to set the record straight about the song's meaning. "'The Negative One' was about me, not about Joey, and that's why the song says, 'Your choices are the negative one and me,' which is the two kind of colliding together. 'The Devil In I' is the same, which you'd think would be f---ing apparent."

"We all have so many different sides to ourselves, but especially with this band," Taylor further describes about 'The Negative One.' "When we get together, there's something about the music we make that really unleashes the crazy, dark s--t inside of us. And that song in particular is about, basically, embracing it again, giving into it and letting it have its say. Because if you don't, then you sit on it and you repress and it blows up in really negative ways. So, that song is about freeing it." [via Blabbermouth]

Slipknot's long-awaited fifth studio album, '.5: The Gray Chapter,' is set for a Oct. 21 release. To pre-order the album, click here. Also, be sure to catch Slipknot at Knotfest and on the road with Korn and King 810 starting Oct. 29.

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