Don't let the name of Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor's latest tour fool you -- it might sound like an intimate gathering of well-mannered friends, but 'An Evening with Corey Taylor' is turning out to be one of the most rock 'n' roll road trips of the year.

Just a week after using his Dallas date as a forum to trash superstar producer Rick Rubin, Taylor has unleashed another onstage tirade -- and this time, the target of his ire is Stone Temple Pilots singer-turned-Christmas crooner Scott Weiland.

Holding forth during his Monday gig in Indianapolis, Taylor railed against what he sees as an overall lack of creativity in the modern entertainment business. "More and more people are only interested in money than f---ing doing anything that's good. I'm not saying everyone, but there's a lot of f---ing people out there who would rather just take your money and leave you with nothing," he warned the audience. "I'll give you another example. Does anyone know who Scott Weiland is? Do you know that Scott Weiland has a Christmas album now? Oh, it's bad. It's bad."

Continued Taylor, "Let me f---ing explain to you how bad it is. There is a video online of him singing, and he's very serious. 'Cause Christmas is serious. His hair is all slicked back and he's in his s--tty tuxedo." Taylor then launched into a brief imitation of Weiland's singing before getting to the heart of the matter. "So, I'm watching this — painfully watching this, because hey, know your enemy — and I'm just like, 'Why?' It's not that he's a bad singer, 'cause he's not. I love STP, I love some of the s--t that he did with Velvet Revolver. It's not that he's a bad f---ing singer. He's a lazy piece of s--t, is what he is at this point."

When questioned about his decision to record a Christmas album recently, Weiland shrugged, "Um, well, why not?" and explained that "Christmas, ever since I was a kid, was a big thing. It still is a big thing."

For the record, here's the video Taylor was referencing during his rant. What do you think? Is Weiland guilty of extreme laziness, or has he earned the right to share his Christmas memories with his fans?

Watch Corey Taylor Go Off on Scott Weiland