There are some music fans out there who don't just love and follow a band, but collect memorabilia and other items related to them as well. One Slipknot fan claims that he owns the biggest collection of replicas of the band's masks in the world, and from the looks of it, he probably does.

A video of his set is featured on The House of Masks' YouTube channel. It was uploaded in November of 2020, so there won't be any replicas of the band's The End, So Far masks in this particular video, but based on other videos on his channel, the fan — whose name is AJ Good — has since acquired some of them.

"I do believe that I have the largest Slipknot mask collection in the world, and not only that, but for the most part all of these pieces are high quality replicas," Good affirmed in the beginning of the video. "I would much rather have one nice mask than 10 shit masks."

Good has shared snippets of his collection before, particularly of specific members' masks, but this video was the first one that showcased all of them.

His collection doesn't only feature masks, though. The initial display that's shown in the video contains other collectibles as well, such as lunch boxes, original VHS tapes, drum sticks, a jumpsuit and more. There's a tower in the middle of the display that houses original masks from the members, which is why they're in a separate location than the rest of the masks are. Next to the display is a keg, a jack-in-the-box from the promo shots they did for their 1999 self-titled album and one of Joey Jordison's cymbals.

Good has been gathering a lot of these artifacts since he was a child, so they hold a lot of sentimental value to him. After explaining the significance behind these pieces, he showed the main wall, which features shelves and shelves of the members' masks from each album cycle. He even has pieces from Cuddles and Brandon Darner, who served as "No. 3" before Chris Fehn.

Essentially, it's a Slipknot museum. We're looking forward to seeing a new update. Check out the video below, and head over to The House of Masks YouTube channel to see other Slipknot-related videos.

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