If you've seen Slipknot's shows, you know the band is quite animated in their performance. They've got plenty of energy and definitely get into the show as they bang their heads and frequently surrender to the rhythm of what they're playing. But somehow, someway YouTube user Golpe Baixo saw something in their performance that everyone else had missed -- a correlation with the Ricky Martin chart-topping 1999 single "Livin' La Vida Loca."

In the video mashup above, you'll see that the band's stage performance syncs up perfectly with the Latin beats and flow of the Martin classic. And with a little visual tweak, it also appears as though frontman Corey Taylor is getting a little "loca" with the lyrics as well. The precision of this video mashup is pretty awesome, from Shawn "Clown" Crahan mimicking a lyric to the perfect introduction of Taylor being joined by a couple of his jumpsuit-wearing bandmates a little later.

Though not a true musical mashup, this video is definitely worth checking out for the curiosity factor. Did Corey Taylor pick up a few moves from the onetime General Hospital actor and Menudo teen star? Likely not, but he could probably hold his own when it comes to stage presence.

Slipknot are currently taking a breather from the road, but you'll be able to catch the band back on tour where their moves synch up with their own music beginning Sept. 25 at the Rock in Rio festival. See all of their upcoming shows here and get further info on their own Knotfest music weekend here.

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