Slipknot has been holding off on talk of a new record while they continue to get used to life without bassist and major musical inspiration Paul Gray. But the hesitation about continuing their career that was prominent in the year following the bassist's death is starting to turn to inspiration and a desire by the band members to cope with their feelings through writing.

Percussionist Shawn Crahan admitted that while the group has yet to convene with plans for a new record, there is definitely writing going on.

He told Corpus Christi's Caller-Times, "Jordy [drummer Joey Jordison] has written 30 songs and recorded them. That's how he's coping. That's what he does. That's who he is. He's never going to stop thinking about Slipknot or recording his ideas."

Crahan added, "About three weeks ago, four weeks ago, Corey [singer Taylor] showed me titles that he's thinking about for the next record, so he's starting that process."

But even though the two members have started creatively considering another Slipknot record, the percussionist says it remains to be seen how it will all work once everyone's in the studio together. He asks, "How can I predict the future or how we're going to feel when all of us are in a room together and dealing with what we're dealing with? I can't predict that. I don't know what that is. But I will tell you, the next record is a concept, and it's pretty obvious to think about. And it's a different evolvement than what we've done before." Crahan says the disc will be "something very serious and unexpected."

Even with the creative juices flowing for a few of the members, fellow percussionist Chris Fehn recently told us that the group typically doesn't approach new music until after they're off the road and he expects that to continue with the band fully focused on their current headlining run on the Mayhem Festival.