Smashing Pumpkins frontman BIlly Corgan recently raised some eyebrows on Instagram when he was asked, “If you could collaborate with any current artist who would it be?” Corgan's response, “Kanye [West] or [Alice in Chains guitarist] Jerry Cantrell.” See post below.

When the guitarist and singer was asked what he thought of Kanye, Corgan said the rapper and producer is “brilliant and meteoric.”

Instagram: williampcorgan
Instagram: williampcorgan

While a collaboration between Cantrell and Corgan seems more feasible and musically alluring, teaming up with Kanye West would place two alpha dogs from Chicago together for a genre-bending musical experiment.

In other news, Smashing Pumpkins are offering a live stream of their concert in Seattle, Washington tonight. The band will perform a full set starting at 11:45 PM (ET) and fans can watch the free Live Nation stream tonight Friday (August 24) on Twitter.

The Pumpkins are currently out on the "Shiny and Oh So Bright Tour," which is the band’s reunion tour featuring founding members James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin, as well as longtime guitarist Jeff Schroeder, bassist Jack Bates and keyboardist Katie Cole.

Frontman Billy Corgan recently opened up in an interview addressing why original bassist D'arcy Wretzky is absent from the tour. The frontman said, “We made every effort to involve her, including offering her the ability that she does not even have to be on the tour. She could show up at any time, she could play as much as she wanted to play.” In the end, Corgan said, 'She just didn’t want to be involved.”

Fans can watch the band perform at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington tonight at 11:45 PM (ET) here.

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