Rockers Smile Empty Soul are back and venturing out on their own with their upcoming disc ‘Chemicals.’ Due out on Oct 1, ‘Chemicals’ will be released on the band’s new imprint Two Disciples Entertainment via Pavement Entertainment, allowing the band to be in command when it comes to their career.

The trio recently revealed the cover art and track listing for ‘Chemicals’ and now they’ve teamed up with Loudwire to premiere the disc's first single, ‘False Alarm.’

Frontman Sean Danielsen talked a little bit about ‘False Alarm’ and how it fits into the overall scope of their new disc. “'False Alarm' is a great representation of our new album ‘Chemicals’ because it’s very raw and real, just like the rest of the record,” said Danielsen. “It really draws you in from the top, and has an entrancing lullaby vibe to it. This song captures the energy we were going for.”

Authentic and easy to relate to, lyrically the song encompasses many of the elements that have attracted fans to Smile Empty Soul throughout the years. Sonically, it kicks off with distorted guitar before the song busts wide open and the rest of the band joins in. There's a rawness and vulnerability to 'False Alarm' as Danielsen sings out, 'Glass shards sticking out of my heart' as the music builds to the chorus, 'False Alarm / I could have sworn / That something else / Was going on.'

Don't take our word for it though, listen to Smile Empty Soul's rock 'n' roll lullaby 'False Alarm' below to check it out for yourself.

Smile Empty Soul are currently on tour in the States. Check out all the dates here.

Listen to Smile Empty Soul's  ‘False Alarm’: