With Halloween fast approaching, Tube Sock Parody have returned with a new video celebrating the music of the dark lords Type O Negative. This time out, they take on the band's "Black No. 1," giving it a freshly parodied spin as "Sock Nvr. Worn."

As you might expect, there are a number of sock-related lyrical ideas lumped into this one with sample lyrics like, "In the moonbeam's sheen / Her aura glows / Will she be worn by feet? / I bet she won't" and "She's been faced with this plight / For a week, maybe two / Oh baby, life is lonely / For a stocking not used."

Choosing to go under the moniker Tube Sock Negative, the band was anxious to pay tribute to the late "Feeter" Steele. It's a well constructed video shot in black and white and mimicking Steele's deep and dark vocal delivery.

Sock Puppet Parody have put their stamp on a number of rock and metal icons over the years and you can check out some of their work over at their YouTube channel.

Also, check out the artwork for the new Tube Sock Negative single below. You can pick it up as well as a number of other parodied tracks via Bandcamp.

"Black No. 1" initially appeared on Type O Negative's 1993 album, Bloody Kisses. While it never charted, the video did have a successful run of airplay on MTV.

Sock Puppet Parody
Sock Puppet Parody

Sock Puppet Parody, "Sock Nvr. Worn"

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