We've got a tasty treat for you in the form of a new music video from Chicago metal act SOil. The band is set to unleash a brand new album, 'Whole,' in August, and we've got the exclusive premiere of the video for the track 'Shine On.'

Original SOil vocalist Ryan McCombs left the group in 2004, only to become the lead singer of Drowning Pool in 2005. McCombs put in six years with Drowning Pool, but returned to SOil once again in 2011, having played live with the band since his homecoming. With McCombs back for the foreseeable future, SOil are set release 'Whole' on Aug. 20, with 'Shine On' acting as the album's lead single.

"My favorite part of the 'Shine On' video was the response we got when we put out an invite to our fans to fill the roles of the extras," McCombs tells us. "The song is about the people that have supported us through the years, so to have them come out and be a part of it was special."

Along with footage of the band performing, the video tells stories of failed relationships, with two unhappy individuals finding salvation at a SOil show.

McCombs describes his lyrical process for the album 'Whole' as follows: “I think lyrically speaking, those that are familiar with the work I've done are going to get the next chapter that they would expect. Words from a heart and mind that has lived them. One of the greatest things I experience as a lyricist is when people come up and share with me how a song, or a specific verse or line from a song, got them through a hard time or times in their lives. It reminds me of the times music did that for me and how powerful music and/or a lyric can be in a person's life.”

Check out the exclusive premiere of SOil's new video for 'Shine On' in the player above, and check out more on SOil at their official website.