Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Athena, Lemmy ... Max? When you think of the gods, certain names come to mind and perhaps after seeing Soulfly's new "Titans" lyric video you might have to add a few new names to that list.

The clip is a mixture of fiery explosions mixed in with old movie footage of mythical creatures attacking mere mortals, with the tinier beings often holding their own in battle. It goes well with the song, which is a pummeling, high energy track with singer Max Cavalera adding his brutal and primal vocals to the mix.

"Titans" appears on Soulfly's latest album, Archangel. The 10th studio album in the band's catalog was produced and mixed by Matt Hyde and features guest turns by Incite's Richie Cavalera, Lody Kong's Igor Cavalera, King Parrot's Matt Young, Nails' Todd Jones and M.O.P.'s Anahid. If you wish to pick up the album, it's out now and can be ordered in a variety of bundle options at this location.

Soulfly are in the midst of a holiday break, but will resume touring on Jan. 29, kicking off a lengthy European run that concludes March 11. For dates, check here.

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