Looks like Chris Cornell isn’t the only member of Soundgarden with a promising solo career, as bassist Ben Shepherd has just unveiled the details of his own solo effort titled ‘In Deep Owl,’ due out on Aug. 27 under the moniker HBS.

According to reports, ‘In Deep Owl’ was originally slated to feature only Ben Shepherd and an acoustic guitar, but when fellow Soundgarden bandmate/current Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron and former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain signed up to play drums on some of the songs, it soon morphed into something entirely different - not to mention a whole lot louder.

Described as “a collection of dark and complex songs with a voice that wears its life experiences on its sleeve,’ ‘In Deep Owl’ was written entirely by Shepherd, who was inspired by the location of the studios he recorded in. “Gerry Amandes runs a studio [in Interbay] behind a sex club, but it was where we could record, all day and all night, at all volumes,” explains Shepherd. “This studio is where the bulk of recording seemed to go on, but it kept the main vibe of bohemian industrial and beat nickery.”

For a taste of what ‘In Deep Owl’ has to offer, the first song ‘Baron Robber’ can be heard below. It features Shepherd joined by Joseph Braley of Seattle bands The Mother's Anger and Reignwolf on drums. The limited edition vinyl pressing of 'In Deep Owl' is available now for pre-order here.

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