What was expected to be a fun night of hard rocking at the second night of FireFest turned violent in Lakewood, Ohio, near Cleveland, Saturday night (April 19), as local station 19 Action News reports that violence and gunfire erupted outside The Foundry club.

According to 19 Action News, police stated that a large fight escalated outside the venue and had gotten out of control. The station also reported that an area had been taped off and that there were shell casings and blood scattered on the ground. Police also revealed that the fight involved guns, machetes and knives.

One witness told the station's reporter Dawn Kendrick, as seen in the video above, that she noticed three men wearing hoodies walking by and that she could tell there was going to be trouble. The unidentified witness stated, "They slammed into my car because they were fighting. There's blood all over my car and dents. I just ran. There were guys everywhere fighting. I heard four gunshots."

According to reports five victims were taken to local hospitals and a nurse from one of the hospitals reported that one of the victims came in with machete and stab wounds.

The Foundry's general manager Mark Witherspoon shed further light on the incident in a Facebook posting that can be read below.


All in all, Lakewood police took 23 people into custody, with charges expected to be filed on Monday. The second night of FireFest 2014 was scheduled to feature such acts as Ringworm, Death Before Dishonor and Weekend Nachos.