For Steel Panther fans at Emo's in Austin, Texas this past Friday (June 25), they had another thing coming ... and that thing turned out to be a guest cameo from Five Finger Death Punch's Chris Kael.

The bassist was invited to the stage as the band prepared to cover Judas Priest's "You've Got Another Thing Comin'." As Kael arrived, he was greeted with singer Michael Starr entertaining a female fan who had been invited up onstage. After a few cracks about being able to afford bass strings and laughing about the girl's boyfriend wanting to hang out later as well, the guys got down to playing, as seen in the fan shot video below.

It apparently turned out all good despite the onstage cracks as the girl and her guy got to hang out with Kael later as seen in a Twitter post.

Steel Panther have gotten back in the touring swing, with more dates coming up in July. See their scheduled stops here.

It'll be a bit longer before Five Finger Death Punch start working through live shows again, with their next show schedule in August and two other festival shows booked for September. A few European festivals are also on the books for 2022 but a full-fledged tour has not yet been announced for the group. See their touring schedule here.

Steel Panther With Chris Kael, "You've Got Another Thing Coming" (Judas Priest Cover)

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