Stephen Pearcy may have surprised many by announcing his exit from Ratt last week, but that may not be the last we hear of Pearcy under the Ratt moniker. The vocalist revealed in a new chat with Mitch Lafon of the 'One on One' podcast that there may still be one more Ratt album despite his departure from the band.

Pearcy stated that there's still a contractual obligation to their label for one more album. He added, "That's not saying there won't be another Ratt record. It just won't be under the circumstances of a band going into the studio and this-and-that. I just won't be playing in the band anymore, and pretty much put that to rest."

The vocalist stated that he's "still committed to this record," adding, "Warren [DeMartini] and I actually wrote a great song months ago at MT Studios, my bass player's studio. If that's the last thing that gets out there and the only thing, it's a good thing. But you know, I said I'd do it. But I never want to be involved in my band again. That's just the bottom line."

Pearcy also took some time to address his role in the group, stating, "I wrote every song, or co-wrote every song with some of the guys. Contrary to what people might think or what they're told, it's my music … I'm a guitar player first and foremost. I don't know if people know this or if they really care. I don't. Publishing speaks for itself, but I'm content. We've sold a lot of records. This music will live way beyond any of our lives. It's all great. My kid'll be happy one day and that's all that matters."

The singer/guitarist also revealed that he'll start work on his fourth solo album at some point, but has already decided to look at different ways to release the disc. "I'm just going to release a few songs," says Pearcy. "Or maybe a song a week until there's 13 songs, because I like that number. After 13 songs, we'll release it as a CD."