During the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards, we had the world’s most accomplished rock and metal musicians in the building. After presenting Zakk Wylde with his Best Guitarist ‘Hand of Doom,’ the four equally talented shredders spoke about Zakk’s prowess as a true guitar hero.

Steve Vai, John 5, Exodus / Slayer’s Gary Holt and Testament’s Alex Skolnick all stepped into the PRS Backstage Artist Lounge at The Novo in Los Angeles. While speaking with us, Skolnick took the mic to explain how Zakk has “the most high-pressure gig in the world.”

“You’re following Randy Rhoads,” Skolnick exclaims. “Right after Randy and Jake E. Lee, he stepped in, but he didn’t try to be those guys. He brought in his influences, he brought in the Allman Brothers and Skynyrd. He brought slide guitar to Ozzy, that’s very unique. He makes a really great case for being yourself and doing your own thing.”

Vai follows up, “I’ve watching him very carefully and the great thing about Zakk is when he gets into it, he gets into this trance, almost. It’s like a zone and he just doesn’t let up. Intensity — it’s amazing to watch. There’s so much fire behind it and confidence and I see him do that every night. Sometimes he gets lost in time because he’s just so into it. It’s a beautiful thing to see and he’s really good at that. He’s a beast, he’s Zakk.”

All four guitarists also honored guitar icon Tony Iommi by picking their favorite Black Sabbath riffs, so check that out in the exclusive video above!

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