Steve Vai recently had trigger finger surgery and while he is still recovering, that hasn't kept him from debuting some new music, albeit one-handed. Vai just revealed a jaw-dropping new video for the instrumental track "Knappsack."

The guitarist nimbly uses his good hand to drift across the fretboard while the guitar rests against his other arm which is currently in a sling. And trust us, this is no bluesy slowed down guitar he's playing either.

Vai showcases some of the talent that made him one of rock's most respected guitarist while proving you don't need both hands to be able to shred.

The guitarist recently revealed that he suffered the trigger finger injury while holding a chord so long that when he finished he felt a pain in his hand that resembled that of a strain. Vai also recently underwent a shoulder surgery as well. But that hasn't stopped him from working on new music.

At present, he has an "acoustic vocal" record in the works, while also working on three instrumental releases, compiling a Generation Axe live album and adding to his Sound Theories orchestral series.

If you like "Knappsack," the song is currently available at this location.

Steve Vai, "Knappsack" Video

Meanwhile, in other Vai news, the guitarist reflected on his '80s film turn in the Ralph Macchio-starring movie Crossroads, which turned 35 over the weekend. In the movie, Vai played the devil's guitar slayer Jack Butler who goes head to head with Macchio in the battle for his soul. See his comments and revisit that classic film scene below.

Steve Vai / Ralph Macchio Guitar Battle in Crossroads

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