Last week, classic Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler stated that if all the original band members got together, they’d create an album that would blow away their hit disc Appetite for Destruction. Now, Adler says that his GN'R replacement, Matt Sorum wouldn't sign on for a GN'R reunion unless they both were involved.

Sorum replaced Adler in 1990 after Adler was fired from the group as he battled drug addiction. Adler spoke with the SiriusXM show Eddie Trunk Live, explaining that Sorum would refuse a reunion offer if Adler wasn’t included. "Matt wouldn't do it. I see Matt practically every Monday night, and we talked about it," reveals Adler. "He wouldn't do it unless I was a part of it. And I said, 'Well, dude, I would do it without you,' And he said, 'But you're the original guy. You're the sound of GN'R. I'm not. So it's different.' And I said, 'If I did it, if Axl [Rose] wanted to play the '[Use Your] Illusion' songs, I would have you right next to me. You come up and I'll either take the throne or sit where I sit.'… Sort of like at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [induction in 2012]. They didn't show that part on TV, I don't think, but [Matt] played 'Brownstone', and then I came up and played 'Sweet Child' and 'Paradise City'." [via Blabbermouth].

Adler went on to say he used to resent Sorum for taking over his role in Guns N’ Roses but doesn’t anymore. "I have nothing against Matt," Adler says. "He didn't do nothing. I had resentments with him, but I talked with him and I worked everything out. Everything. I would love to share a tour bus with him."

At the end of the day, Adler seems to really want this reunion to happen to please the fans. “The whole reunion thing I would love to do just because of two decades of new fans who have never seen what the magic was. And I would love to be able to show them, but that's Axl's call."

Later in the interview he continued, "It's been a wasted 25 years that the magic between Slash and Axl hasn't been together and making music for the world. I mean, that's like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. And it's a shame that Axl and Slash weren't making music together, 'cause they were born to make music together. Slash is great by himself, Axl is great by himself, but together they are frickin' amazing, and nothing could stop them."

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