Last week it was announced that Stone Sour would be releasing a special tenth anniversary edition of Come What(Ever) May that will be available Dec. 16. They have now released the video for album favorite "Zzyzx Rd." that you can watch above.

The tenth anniversary deluxe edition of their sophomore album Come What(Ever) May includes b-sides and rarities along with acoustic tracks including a cover of the Rolling Stones song "Wild Horses." Pre-order bundles are available at this location.

When it comes to the next Stone Sour album, Loudwire recently got the scoop from drummer Roy Mayorga, who talked about the musical direction of the album.

"Honestly, it hasn’t really been a thought out process on what we’re going to come out with and what we’re going to sound like, but it has just come together very organic, very naturally," Mayorga says. "It’s not like this or like that, it’s a whole new animal now."

He says that doing the 2015 covers EP s Meanwhile in Burbank... and Straight Outta Burbank... helped with the new record. "The process of that has inspired us to want to write even newer stuff," Mayorga reveals. "So while Corey’s out, we’re doing our stuff and Corey is writing his songs and sending them in and we’re going back and forth by email and then got together through the last couple of years at my place and recorded a batch of songs at a time and now we have 18 songs ready to go."

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