Suffocation are brutality incarnate. Vocalist Frank Mullen developed the blueprint for the modern death metal low-pitched guttural and the band itself is the foremost innovator of brutal death metal. Still as heavy as ever, Suffocation plan to release a new full-length album in the summer of 2012.

Formed within Long Island, N.Y. in 1989, Suffocation have blazed a trail of worldwide destruction ever since. Their 1991 debut album 'Effigy of the Forgotten' is a modern classic. When played live, the casual fan would be shocked to learn that the songs from 'Effigy' are over 20 years old, which is a true testament to Suffocation's innovation in heaviness -- a feat that few bands have been able to match.

In the February 2012 issue of Decibel, Suffocation bassist Derek Boyer spoke about the upcoming successor to their 2009 album, 'Blood Oath.' "We're in the pre-production stage," wrote Boyer in an email to Decibel. "Currently working on final arrangements, lyrical placement and content."

"Each album is an evolution process," continued Boyer. "As always, we take the key elements that are Suffocation, add current feelings and outside influences, the begin collaborating. We're very happy with the direction we're headed!"

Along with working on the new, as-yet-untitled album, Suffocation have been working on the upcoming DVD 'Legacy of Violence.' The band released a DVD preview in January 2010, but have yet to unleash the full violence on their fans.

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