Suffocation’s eighth studio album is coming! According to Red Distribution, Suffocation’s Of the Dark Light will see a June 9 release date via Nuclear Blast!

Suffocation’s legacy of brutal death metal has been one of the most important in extreme music, drawing out what many see as the blueprint of brutal death metal with 1991’s Effigy of the Forgotten. Suffo’s latest album, Pinnacle of Bedlam, came out in early 2013, so it’s about time we get some new material from the New York natives.

Of the Dark Light will be Suffocation’s first album in over a decade to not include guitarist Guy Marchais, who left the group in 2016. “I’m just done. I’m not willing to put in the work that it takes,” Guy told us in an exclusive interview. “Terrance [Hobbs, guitar] puts in like 150 percent, Derek [Boyer, bass] puts in 150 percent. Right before I decided to leave I wasn’t putting in anything. They were writing the new album and my brain wasn’t in it. I wrote some stuff but I never even showed them. I was just somewhere else thinking about not doing it anymore.”

This will also be Suffocation’s first album featuring Charlie Errigo on guitar and Eric Morotti on drums.

Suffo will soon hit the road with fellow death metal legends Morbid Angel, along with Revocation and Withered beginning May 23. For the full list of U.S. tour dates, click here.

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