Death metal blueprinters Suffocation have returned in 2017 with another new slab of technical brutality dubbed 'Of the Dark Light. With "Your Last Breaths" already out, they've dished out another new track, this time with a lyric video for "Return to the Abyss."

This is Suffocation in their primeval form. Their labyrinthine riffing is present once again, navigating hairpin turns propelled by relentless blasts and rapid fire chugs, slowed by sudden tempo changes and trench-digging breakdowns. There's a surprise at the end as clean-toned guitars paint a bleak atmosphere while "Return to the Abyss" works its way to a close with the same intensity that opened the track.

“Now, bands are very cutting edge. So, we felt we had to step up our game a little bit. Still be unique, but I will say we’re still using the same formula we’ve been using since Suffocation formed. It’s just ramped up," said guitarist Terrance Hobbs. "There are some new things in there that I hope the fans will hear," he added, continuing, "They’ll have to really listen to the album to hear it though. With the new guys, I had to consider their input. Really, in a nutshell, it came down to the chemistry I had with Charlie [Errigo, guitar] and Eric [Morotti, drums]. It was a bonus, to me, that I had players [who] were really into it.”

Of the Dark Light drops on July 9 through Nuclear Blast and pre-orders can be placed the label's webstore. Suffocation will hit the road as the direct support act for Morbid Angel on a tour stretching from May 23 through June 27 with Revocation and Withered rounding out the bill. To see if the tour is stopping near you, head to our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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