Did Kid Rock "get more ass" than Mark McGrath? The Sugar Ray singer has confirmed that the "Bawitdaba" musician was indeed telling the truth with that lyrical boast.

The lyrics came from Rock's 2001 song "Cocky" from his album of the same name. The stanza in question includes the lyrics: "No who the fuck are you / I'm Kid Motherfuckin' Rock from the old school / Got more money than Matchbox Twenty / Get more ass than Mark McGrath."

So how did an answer to this two-plus-decade old question get answered? It started with Rock Feed posting on social media posing the question, "Did Kid Rock actually 'get more ass' than Mark McGrath?"

Not long after, popular YouTuber Finn McKenty suggested, "We need Mark McGrath to settle the debate," while also tagging the Sugar Ray singer.

That was soon met with an actual response from McGrath who took the question with good humor. "I’m going to have to confirm that he absolutely did, and extra points for rhyming ass with McGrath…hope that clears up any confusion," said the singer through X (formerly Twitter).

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And in case you were wondering, Matchbox Twenty has not weighed in with an answer to Rock's other boast. Given that both acts have now rocked in four different decades, it'd be interesting to compare financials.

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