System of a Down-style metal aesthetics propel a new cover of "Barbie Girl," the 1990s hit by Danish pop group Aqua, in a re-imagining from Finnish creator Otu of Moonic Productions.

He posted the video on YouTube on Jan. 8. In its title, Otu posits the rendition as envisioning what it would sound like if the Serj Tankian-led Armenian-American heavy metal band wrote the song instead of Aqua.

"This is what Aqua – 'Barbie Girl' would sound like if SOAD made a cover with Toxicity/Steal This Album production," the creator adds.

Listen to the alternate universe System of a Down number near the bottom of this post.

"Barbie Girl," Aqua's signature tune and a No. 1 hit in 14 countries, was released in April 1997 as the third single from that year's debut album by the act, Aquarium. In 2011, it was voted worst song of the '90s by Rolling Stone readers.

And cover versions of System of a Down songs aren't hard to come by on YouTube, but one with such a unique twist is certainly an attention-catching addition. There are also System of a Down mashups that combine the band with other pop culture.

Otu has 16 years' experience making music for films, commercials and video games, per his bio on the Moonic website. He frequently posts covers on his YouTube channel. Hear more from Moonic at PatreonFacebook and

System of a Down, the real band, are scheduled to play four concerts with Korn starting later this month.

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