UPDATE: Tallah posted the following message on their Instagram page (post seen below) "We have Justin back. After the police station told us he was released at 4 a.m. we spent the majority of the day searching the city for him. Apparently, he was transferred to a prison nearby and the police station did not keep track of it and were instead told he was released. We made our way over to the prison and bailed him out. He still needs to go to court but at least we have him back now. We will see you on the road this week with Guerrilla Warfare."

Tallah vocalist Justin Bonitz was apprehended onstage and arrested during the first night (July 18) of the band’s current tour. Bonitz is currently missing after being released by police at 4 a.m. this morning (July 19) with no phone, shirt or money.

The incident at the venue was captured on camera, with footage revealing Bonitz was being implored to come down from the rafters by security at the Lizard Lounge in Lancaster, Pa. Bonitz resisted security’s attempt to drag him down by the pants, leading the singer to kick the male guard while still dangling from the ceiling.

“The security guard was wearing a black shirt that said ‘Security’ on the back and everyone else at the venue that was security was wearing bright yellow shirts,” drummer Max Portnoy told Loudwire. “None of us ever realized it was a security guard at first. Justin’s pushing him away because he thinks this random guy is just pulling him off the thing.”

Security wrapped his arms around Bonitz after forcing the musician down. According to Portnoy, after Bonitz landed on his feet, the guard threw Tallah’s singer into a wall.

After Bonitz and the security guard got up, Justin connected with a punch, resulting in a scuffle off the stage and onto the venue floor… all while the vocalist continued singing “Placenta.”

The next piece of footage shows Tallah finishing “Placenta” and Bonitz being led away by other security guards. After being brought off stage, a security guard takes Bonitz to the ground and pins down the singer’s head. After the crowd protested the takedown, a voice can be heard saying, “This fucker spit in my face. Fuck him.” It’s unclear if this is security speaking.

“He got arrested, taken into the police station right down the street from the venue,” Portnoy explains. “Justin didn’t have his phone, his wallet, his bag or anything. He didn’t even have a shirt on, they just brought him there. They say, ‘He’s going to be here overnight because it’s after hours. He’s going to meet with a judge at 8 a.m. You guys can show up then.’”

Instead of seeing a judge, the charges against Bonitz were dropped and the singer was released at around 4 a.m. Tallah had returned home, roughly 90 minutes away from Lancaster, so their van was not nearby, nor was the band staying at a nearby hotel.

Tallah have been searching for their singer all day, even hanging up signs telling Bonitz to get back to the police station. The police apparently denied Tallah’s request for help looking for Bonitz.

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