Taproot have announced that they will release their sixth studio album, 'The Episodes,' on April 10, which is just two years after it's predecessor -- but the band reveals that the conceptual piece has been in the works for much longer.

Taproot once again teamed with Tim Palatan, the producer of their 2010 effort 'Plead the Fifth,'  to record the album that will commemorate the band's 15 years together.

The new project is a "complexly developed concept album" that the band has been working on for more than six years. "I think our fans have come to expect the unexpected from us," says bassist Phil Lipscomb of the new album. "Having written the story for this album before the music, this record sounds more like a soundtrack than a typical album, with the songs flowing together and taking you on a journey."

Taproot themselves have been on quite a journey, one that has lasted nearly a decade and a half. Lipscomb said fondly of his 15 years with the band, “I’ve spent almost half of my life in Taproot traveling the world and I would sum up the whole experience as: I love my job!” The band talks about their history in the video below that also features a clip of new music from 'The Episodes.'

Taproot Talk 15 Years as a Band

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